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What is Total Digital Soundness?

Centralized data, constant iteration, and a structure that grows with your eCommerce.

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All digital channels inform one another to rapidly learn, grow, and evolve.

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Our optimization flow organically moves from
the basics to the more complex
areas of your business.

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We're a one-stop-shop for all
marketing and strategy. No need for multiple contractors.

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Our Protocol

Our Protocol.

Time is one of the most scarce resources at startups.


We work to optimize your business so that as time goes on, you earn more, yet spend less time within your business.


Email & Remarketing

Operations has everything to do with looking behind the scenes and making sure that every aspect of the business is optimized.


When working with niche products, we want to ensure that you’re engaging your audience appropriately.

Product/ Market Fit

Your website should be fast, functional, with data shared via automation to all areas of your business.

SEO Basics & Website Health

With access to all your data we will be able to make much better use of the content we generate sitewide.


As you know, building a regular content strategy is the fastest and most affordable way to start getting new customers.

Site Copy/Content Strategy

The way your website looks and feels is absolutely essential to the customer experience.

We will use data to make decisions in terms of design. 


Your brand needs to be current and stand out in the market. It should clearly be competitive as well.

Visual Branding

Only 1% of site visitors will take action on their first visit. 

Setting up email remarketing is simple and affordable.

Email & Remarketing

While we definitely encourage you to continue building a social media presence, we will take care of directing the paid strategy we run on social media. 

Once all areas of your business are digitally sound, paid can be tested for positive ROAS.

Paid Search

Testing can begin only after all areas of business have been finalized.

This will allow us to make the best choices possible to eventually improve revenue globally.


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The importance of Founder Freedom.

In our experience, no business can be successful without happy leaders.


This is why part of our work is to analyze the founder’s habits to free up time and ultimately deliver a fully automated business.

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No, we’re
not another agency.

As opposed to a digital marketing agency that hands over a menu of disorganized services, we become an extension of your business and plug into your team with flawless execution, straightforward reporting, and transparency.

You won't need need to make another hire in digital.

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Selected Client Feedback

Katherine Zenie

Our favorite thing about working with Amoeba is that they understand our vision incredibly well. They know where we want to be and have a plan of attack on how to get there that aligns well with our vision.

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